Dear Members and Customers,

You will be aware of the COVID 19 outbreak and the advice given by the Government for a nationwide LOCKDOWN measure currently rolling out throughout the UK. We are one of the named affected business instructed to close with immediate effect. It’s the only responsible thing to do at a time of national crisis. We therefore had no other alternative but to close on Monday 23rd March until further notice.

All our current Memberships have been put on hold with immediate effect. All of our current members will not lose out of any membership duration they have paid for during this period of closure. It will simply reactivate upon re-opening with the time closed added on to their account.

Those memberships which have already expired and the member has a Firearm Certificate, they will need to contact us by email asap to renew as its a condition of their FAC that they must retain membership of a Home Office Approved Club to retain their FAC and Firearms if held for target shooting, its the Law.

I am determined to ride this storm and re-open this business as soon as possible and wait for when the Government informs us that we may do so. Where permitted, I will be using this time to complete the many tasks behind closed doors which the business has required completing since we opened. It’s in all out interests that we keep in touch via email and social media and where possible assist each other in this task.

I would like to thank you for your support and understanding, this is all beyond our control. We will recover in due course we can re-open with a better brighter future ahead of us all.

Stay safe, isolate, stay in quarantine.

Best regards,

Glenn G Smith
Managing Director
Phoenix Range Limited

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