NEW IN, a full range of GUN SAFES ! Security matters, protect your guns, not got any? why not apply for your firearms certificate and own your own firearms? How? Simply come and see us, we will show you how step by step. But first, you must have a gun safe installed before your police visit. Here at Phoenix Range we offer you the best security range of cabinets by Brattonsound Engineering. After many years in this industry, we advise all our customers to buy the cabinet you cannot afford, and larger than you need, as I can guarantee you will fill it in time. In addition, there is nothing worse than banging around your valuable firearms in a slim tiny cabinet, yes you can buy cheaper too, but don’t compromise, ours are guaranteed and the advice is invaluable. If anything goes wrong, we are here. Support your local gun dealer and secure your assets, come and see us, we will give you the best impartial advice for your specific circumstances including installation.
You can read more here about the law and gun security:…/publica…/firearms-security-handbook
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