Own your very own Kriss Defiance DMK?…here’s how!

Kriss Defiance DMK .22 for sale at Phoenix Range

Another fist full of freedom for you.

Have you ever thought you couldn’t own your own firearms?…wrong, join the very exclusive club here in the UK of around a million men and women who have obtained their very own shotgun or firearm licence. They are issued by the Police, having first checked you are indeed a person of good character, doctors records checked, and of course you are a member of a Home Office approved club like the one here at Phoenix Range.

Get your  Kriss DEFIANCE DMK  now!

Purchase your own semi-automatic Kriss DEFIANCE DMK22, here at Phoenix Range (Firearm Certificate holders only).

You will already have received a regular course of instruction, with a variety of firearms by qualified Range Officers. We turn out good, safe, and responsible target shooters.

Kriss DEFIANCE LVOA for sale at Phoenix Range

Phoenix Range Shooting Centre is the sole main dealer in Yorkshire to stock these wonderful rifles. Why not try a fabulous AR before you buy? Only here at Phoenix Range, Registered Firearms Dealers and resident Home Office Approved Club.

Sales through our retail shop are face to face in-store only. The DEFIANCE DMK22 and DMK22 LVOA are designed as the ultimate AR training platform and built to last. The DMK22 features full metal aluminum alloy upper and lower receivers for superior strength and durability. 

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