Practical Shooting Event

AT LAST ! Practical Target Shotgun and Rifle this Wednesday and every Wednesday night for members only. Free curry in the bar, £10 range fee for a 3 hour event slot from 6pm to 9pm, the range and bar will be reserved for VIP members use only. Simply book your place in the usual way on our website firing lane reservation page, and select Practical Shooting Event and book. Have a go as many times as you like on the night, hire our own rifles and shotguns or bring your own. Birdshot shogun cartridges are available for the steel plate shooting, 12g Slug will be available soon for targets shotgun. It’s all starting this Wednesday, we have Steel Plate shotgun Shooting Gallery, Man v Man shootouts, practical fire and movement competition stages will be introduced in the next few weeks. Even if you don’t want to shoot, members may pop along and see what its all about.
If you are not a member? Come and join us, we are now open for memberships, do a try shooting session first, become known to us, then join, everything is open to you from that point onwards.

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