WARNING – To legally purchase or acquire any firearm in the UK, specifically via our online store, you MUST have lawful authority to do so. This means you must have a current Firearm Certificate issued to you by your Police Firearms Licensing Department along with the specific authority to purchase or acquire that type and calibre of firearm or ammunition. (Firearms Act 1968 / 1997 as amended)

It is a serious imprisonable offence to purchase or acquire any firearm or ammunition without lawful authority to do so. All firearms or ammunition sales that relate to ANY sales upon this website are subject to this condition. All buyers hereby agree that a contract of sale is ONLY complete when these conditions are met fully by the purchaser, until then the goods remain the property of Phoenix Range irrespective of any amount paid. All transfers of firearms and ammunition are ONLY made face to face in-store on the production of a valid Firearms Certificate correctly conditioned as above.

Phoenix Range is a Registered Firearms Dealer and as such is authorised to transfer firearms between other Registered Firearms Dealers by authorised curriers only. A fee will be charged for this service.

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