An Advanced, Ultra Modern firing range.

Phoenix Range has been built from the ground up from a bespoke design. Our range has 8 firing lanes at a distance of 50ft, utilising modern technology to increase the comfort and experience of the shooter, Phoenix Range is the perfect place to enjoy our sport.

With a CCTV-surveilled member parking lot to the front and side of the building providing easy, worry-free access.

From carefully designed range ballistics to airflow and firing position, we are truly one of a kind.

Built with YOU in mind, your health, your comfort and your enjoyment!

  Range Rates

Range Rates ( Per Hour )£5
Large Targets (ea)£1
Small Targets (ea)£0.70
Firearm Hire£10
Ear ProtectionFREE
Eye ProtectionFREE

Online Booking

As a Phoenix Range Member, book and pay for your range time online! No more waiting,  hoping you can get on a lane.

Your pre-booked lane will be ready when you arrive at the range. Members can book their lane time using our online booking system and pay securely using PayPal.

Member Range fees are £5 per hour.


Breathe Easy at Phoenix Range

Always Fresh Air

Phoenix Range boasts a one of a kind airflow system. Phoenix Ranges bespoke airflow system keeps a constant supply of fresh, clean air into the range while drawing air downrange simultaneously ensuring that all debris particles and powder smoke are pulled away from the shooter the very instant the trigger is pulled.

This method keeps the firing point with a supply of fresh air while effectively drawing and extracting harmful byproducts away.

High-Tech, Comfortable Shooting

Our bespoke range design has been hand built to exact specifications. This one of  a kind shooting range has been built by Phoenix Range  which includes a complete target retrieval system, a range officer control and beckoning system and live-feed target spotting. Enjoy shooting sports in comfort and class.

Solid steel baffles for ricochet prevention and a 12mm solid steel splash plate behind a whopping 12 tonne of rubber chip.

Custom made target retrieval system with lighting control and baffled carrier for extra safety.  Removing the need to ever pass the firing line.

Full-time Range Safety Officers present. Ensuring a safe and maintained firing point with advice and instruction available.


Phoenix Range provide all members using the range facilities
ear and eye protection with personal sets available for purchase.

Relax and Unwind
Lodge Inspired Members Lounge & Bar

Take a load off, relax after your shoot in front of our cosy log fire, refreshments available from the bar.