Guns For Hire

Below you can find the selection of guns we have for hire to our resident club, Empire Shooting Sports Club. Click the tile for more information.

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.45/70 Government Marlin Under lever Rifle

45-70 Government Henry Single Shot Rifle

.223 Bushmaster /Ibus M17s Rifle

.22 Ruger Precision

.22 Kriss Defiance LVOA

.308 Remington 700

.223 Remington 700

.22 LR Henry “Mares Leg”

.22 LR Henry “Youth” Miniature Rifle

12G Armsan A612 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

.22LR Anschutz Match 54

.22LR CZ Thumbhole Varmint 455

.22 Smith & Wesson MP15/22 Semi-Auto Rifle

7.62 Kalashnikov AK47

.357 Ruger 77/357 Bolt Action Rifle

.22 BSA Martini Action Rifle

.22 Anschütz Bolt Action Rifle

.223 Howa Bolt Action Rifle

.357 Alfa Nitro Muzzle Loading Revolver

.22 Smith & Wesson MP15/22 Semi-Auto Rifle

.303 Lee Enfield SMLE Parker Hale Conversion

.22 Henry Miniature Bolt Action Rifle

.31 Ardesa Derringer Black Powder Muzzle Loading Pistol

.50 Ardesa Black Powder Muzzle Loading Pistol

.22 Henry “Yellow Boy” Lever Action Rifle

.223 Ruger Mini-14 Straight Pull Rifle

.303 No.4 MK.2 Lee Enfield Bolt Action Rifle

7.62 Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle

12G Mossberg 500 Pump Action Shotgun

.22 Ruger 10/22 Semi-Auto Rifle

.22 Sig Sauer 522 Semi-Auto Rifle

.44 Magnum Ruger 77 / 44 Bolt Action Rifle

.22 CZ Varmint Bolt Action Rifle