Real Firearms at Phoenix Range

Phoenix Range has a large range of guns available for members to hire, ranging from .22 rim fire all the way up to the iconic .303 British!

We constantly expand our range of firearms to ensure there is always something new to try and experience at Phoenix Range.

Got your own guns? No Problem! you are welcome to use your own firearms at Phoenix Range.

Air Weapons also permitted, with exclusive Saturday Morning Access. See Airgun Membership.

Our Guns

We have a wide selection of firearms available for hire to our resident, Home Office Approved shooting sports club, Empire Shooting Sports club. Take a look at our Guns For Hire.

Rental Rates

Firearm rental at Phoenix Range costs £10 for the duration of your session. Ammunition is also available for purchase for member use, prices vary on the firearm type and caliber.

Ammo & Maintenance

We maintain all firearms at Phoenix Range to the highest standard, ensuring they stay on point and function perfectly every time.  We also ensure our ammo performs too, we use the fantastic quality Eley ammunition exclusively through our firearms chambered in .22, whether you need High Velocity or Match Grade ammunition, we have what you need.

For Our larger calibres, we professionally press all rounds using the highest quality brass, projectiles powder and primers to give you the best performing ammunition, tailored to our guns at an affordable price.

Our ammunition starts at £5 per box varies through our available calibres. For more information on our ammo prices visit the range or give us a call.