Your Declaration (IMPORTANT) By creating an account, you are confirming that you are not a PROHIBITED PERSON from possessing firearms or ammunition. This would normally apply to someone who has been to prison. The small print: "It is an offence for someone who is prohibited by section 21 of the firearms act 1968 to have a firearm or ammunition in his possession at any time. Section 21 applies to anybody who has been sentenced to imprisonment or youth custody or detention in a young offender institution for three months or more. The period for which they are prohibited depends on the length of sentence. If the sentence was longer than three years, the prohibition is for life. If the sentence was three months or more, but less than three years, the prohibition lasts for five years from the day of their release. It is an offence for a person to transfer, let or hire, give or lend a firearm or ammunition to someone who he knows or has reasonable grounds for believing to be prohibited by section 21." The maximum punishment for non-compliance is up to 10 years imprisonment. Please ask a member of staff if in any doubt.



Definitions of Terms:

“The Company” or “us” – Phoenix Range Indoor Shooting Centre Ltd

“You” – the person who makes the booking with Phoenix Range Indoor Shooting Centre Ltd.

“The group” – All members of the group attending the shooting event including any spectators

“The shooting range” – The shooting range at which your event is held.

1)Descriptions Provided in Promotional Materials

The descriptions of the shooting events given on the Company’s website and other promotional materials are stated in good faith but occasionally it may be necessary to make some alterations to schedules, equipment, instructors or timings. The Company reserves the right to make minor changes to events without notice. If there is a particular aspect of the shooting event, or piece of equipment, or timings that is important to you please contact us prior your attendance and check to avoid disappointment.

2) Prices & Payment

Try Shoots and Gift Vouchers are sold and paid for in full at the time of purchase and cannot be redeemed for a cash amount. The prices advertised for any event can be found upon our website, social media and upon the gift voucher itself.

3) Refund Policy

No refunds are given once the gift voucher has been purchased. However, in the event that the Company cannot provide the shooting event, a full refund may be offered. See (4(V) Cancelation by the Company.

4) Cancelation of the Booking

  1. i) 2 Days or More Notice of Cancellation.

If the Company receives notice that you wish to cancel your booking for whatever reason within 2 or more days prior to the shooting event, the company will re arrange your booking for another time.

  1. ii) Cancellation received less than 2 Days before start time of the event.

If the Company receives notice that you wish to cancel your booking less than 2 days prior to the start time of the event the Company reserves the right to cancel your booking and you forfeit any fee paid.

iii) Lateness and/or “No-show”

If you or the group are more than 15 minutes late from the advised timings within the booking, the Company may deem the event to have been cancelled and you will forfeit any fee paid.

  1. v) Cancellation by the Company

If a shooting event cannot be provided due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control and a suitable alternative cannot be offered, a full refund will be provided.

5) Increasing Group Size

You may increase you’re the number upon your event provided that the Company can accommodate the increase and you have contacted us 2 days prior to the event to advise us of the change. These additional bookings will need to paid for in full prior to the event.

6) Reducing Group Size

Any no shows or bookings not notified to us as cancelled within 2 days prior to the booked event will forfeit any fee paid.

7) Accidental Damage to Property and/or Persons

Any accidental damage to persons or property caused by members of your group whilst at, or en route to, the shooting range is their personal responsibility and the Company accepts no liability either directly or i directly for such damage unless it is due to the negligence of the Company.

8) Alcohol & Drugs

If you or any member of the group are or appears in the judgement of instructors to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be excluded from the shooting range for the duration of the event for the safety of others present at the shooting range. No refund will be made for group members who are excluded from the event for this reason.

10) Safety on the Range

For the safety of all members of the group any behaviour at the shooting range deemed to be unsafe by instructors, whether intentional or unintentional, will not be acceptable. If an instructor believes that the behaviour of one or more members of the group is a risk to others they will be excluded from the range for the duration of the event. No refund will be made for group members who are excluded from the event for this reason.

Range safety procedures must be respected at all times. You will receive a safety briefing before shooting or handling guns. If any of your group are unsure about anything in this safety briefing or anything else regarding range safety you must ask your instructor.

Ear and eye protection are provided at no extra charge and must be worn at all times whilst live firing is in progress. This applies whether you are shooting or observing.

All members of the group will be asked to sign a disclaimer statement at the shooting range before they can proceed with the event. These disclaimer statements are updated from time to time. If you wish to view these prior to making your reservation contact the Company to request a copy of the latest disclaimer statement.

11) Prohibited Persons

By accepting these terms and conditions you accept responsibility for confirming that neither you nor any other member of your group is prohibited under section 21 of the firearms act 1968 from using firearms, nor has a history of serious alcohol and/or substance abuse, nor is suffering from serious mental illness. If in doubt please seek advice from a member of staff before attending.

12) Identification

All of the shooting ranges we use require valid identification such as passport or drivers licence for each member of the group handling firearms. If any member of the group does not bring their valid identification to the range they may not be allowed to take part in the event. Please check that all members of your group have their identification with them before they set out for the range. Refunds cannot be made for individuals who fail to bring valid identification.

13) Minimum Age Limits

The person making the booking must in all cases be 18 years or older. If accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, young people between 8 years old upwards can take part in advertised shooting events, but it may be necessary to provide alternative types of guns or ammunition and instruction to those advertised on the website to account for smaller hands and different physical strengths. In all cases you must inform the Company when making the booking the ages of the Gift Voucher recipients.

14) Confidentiality

Any information collected in the application process is treated in confidence and will not be transferred to any outside party other than on a very strict need-to-know basis. To be specific, your name and your mobile telephone number will be sent to the senior instructor responsible for running the event so that they have a contact in the event of a problem or emergency at the shooting range.

15) Photographs and Testimonials

The Company reserves the right to publish on its web site or other publicity materials any photographs or testimonials that are voluntarily sent to the Company by members of the group. Unless told otherwise the Company assumes that when it receives such photographs or testimonials the person sending them has obtained permission to place them in the public domain from any members of the group that appear in them.

16) Health

All members of your group should be aware that shooting, as with other sports, will make some physical demands on individuals. Whilst instructors will endeavour to work around physical restrictions and disabilities, individual group members are expected to be in good general health. If any of your group have any doubts about their physical ability to undergo their chosen event they should consult their doctor before making a booking.

17) Pregnancy

At the time of writing there is some evidence to suggest that shooting firearms whilst pregnant may damage the hearing of unborn babies, therefore we strongly discourage pregnant women from participating in our shooting events, or if spectating, from entering the immediate live fire area where hearing protection is mandatory. Under UK law we cannot ask customers if they are pregnant at the time of booking, so you should be aware that those who choose to participate in our shooting events whilst pregnant do so entirely at their own risk.

18) Complaints

It is important that any complaints about our shooting events, including any safety issues, be made directly to the Company instructor on the day that the problem takes place to allow staff the opportunity to address the issue as it arises. If the issues cannot be adequately resolved on the day of the event you should put your complaint in writing to the Company (either by letter or email) giving full details of the complaint within 21 days of the event. The Company views complaints as opportunities to improve, and we will thoroughly investigate all complaints on your behalf. Any complaints should, where possible, be channelled through you (the person making the booking) rather than individual group members contacting the Company separately.


Membership of a shooting club such as this carries a great deal of responsibility. Each member must be and remain of “good character” whilst engaged in membership. You should always stay lawful and avoid conflict in all areas of your day to day life. The issue of shooting sports in the public eye is a sensitive one. We must all lead by example to maintain the high standards expected of Firearm Certificate holders and members of a target shooting club.  Failure to meet these standards could result in action against the club and would almost certainly lead to revocation of your personal Firearm Certificate and or your dismissal from this club. Therefore, we require all members must be mindful of our rules and the responsibility it carries.

Referees may be contacted, and details asked of the character and suitability in their view of the applicant in so far as they are relevant to these matters. In addition, please make sure you accurately compete the “Police Member Suitability form” which you will be provided to you and asked to sign upon your first attendance. This will be forwarded on to the authorities for clarification.

All applicants are checked by authorities for the validity of the details provided, in particular 'Criminal records'.  Although a criminal record alone may not prohibit you from being a member, but certain offences will and of course how much time has passed since the last offence. These specific offences will also prevent you from being granted a Firearms Certificate or obtaining membership of a Home Office Approved Club. It is an offence for any person to make a statement, which he knows to be false for the purpose of applying for a Firearms Certificate. Any person who fails to disclose these specific offences on application for membership could leave this club open to prosecution (Section 21 1968 Firearms Act). If in doubt, please ask.

Your application must be ‘processed’ before being accepted as a “probationary member”. Full Member status will be achieved after you have successfully completed a 3 months probationary period, during which time you will have received a regular course of instruction of the safe handling of firearms, law and demonstrated competency in marksmanship. Finally, you will also need to have had your police check returned back from the Police satisfactorily. Your inclusive membership of Empire Shooting Sports Club is only valid whilst you are a fully paid up member of Phoenix Range Indoor Shooting Centre.

Upon applying for membership, you hereby accept that you understand any range or membership fee’s paid to Phoenix Range or Empire Shooting Sports Club are not refundable once your application has been submitted. Any member cancelling his/her membership will forfeit their subscription. You confirm that you have read and fully understood the club rules, terms and conditions, and realise that your future application for membership or retention of membership is subject to your observance of these.


WARNING – Membership of a shooting club such as this carries a great deal of responsibility.  Each and every member must be and remain of “good character” whilst engaged in membership.  You should at all times stay lawful and avoid conflict in all areas of your day to day life. The issue of shooting sports in the public eye is a sensitive one. We must all lead by example to maintain the high standards expected of Firearm Certificate holders and members of a club.  Failure to meet these standards could result in action against the club and would almost certainly lead to revocation of your personal Firearm Certificate and or your dismissal from this club. Therefore, we require all members must abide by our rules at all times.

All current members or any individuals, whose application for membership has been submitted but not yet accepted, undertake:

That they will successfully complete our course of instruction and serve a probationary period of 3 months.

That they will familiarise themselves with the Range Orders, a copy of which will be displayed upon the firing range.

That they will not take any action which could be deemed to bring into disrepute the club, any other clubs, any shooting association or any aspect of any shooting sport.

That they will not encourage any person, whether or not involved with any aspects of any shooting sport, to act in any way to the detriment of any shooting and that as far as it is may lie within their power, authority or influence they will not suffer or permit any person, organisation or company to act in such a manner.

That they will strive to the best of their ability to project a responsible, respectable and in all aspects creditworthy image of shooting sports in general and this club in particular.

That they will actively strive to the best of their ability to counter any adverse publicity which from time to time come to the attention of the member.

That they will be of good character, and not engage in any unlawful activity.

Applicants and members must not hold or voice any extreme political views or opinions.

That they will not encourage or engage in any form of racial hatred or discrimination of any kind.

The committee may remove from the role of members any member who fails to meet our undertakings or their conduct on the range or upon any premises occupied by the club elsewhere, is unseemly, objectionable or calculated to bring the club into disrepute. Such a member shall have no claim on the club for any subscription or entrance fee paid and the appropriate Police Authority may be informed that the aforesaid person is no longer a member of this club. The consequences of this are obvious, as the grant and retention of a Firearm Certificate for target shooting is dependent on the holder being a fully paid up and active member of a Target Shooting Club.


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